Designing the finishes of your kitchen countertop can be a lengthy process. However, it should bring you the results you desire for your home. You also should never feel like you’re compromising on quality or price when it comes to what you want.

So what exactly should you be looking out for when it comes to quality, pricing, and installation? Let’s answer some of these questions so you can be aware of any red flags that may come up during the process. Continue reading for more!

Why You Deserve A Quality Countertop Installation

Though countertop installation is one of the final steps in the process, it’s important to highlight some red flags. Installation should be something that you look forward to. This is why everything should go smoothly. 

If your installer is late, does not deliver the results you want, or finishes in an abnormally quick amount of time, this may raise concerns. It’s of the utmost importance that you hire a timely, professional, and skilled installer so you can avoid any design flaws. 

Red Flags When Choosing Your Countertops

Not only can there be red flags during installation, but these concerns can occur during the shopping process as well. When picking out your ideal countertops, you may feel compelled to work with a stylist or design salesperson to assist you in curating your space. 

So, always maintain that as the customer, you deserve to feel tended to in terms of your needs, style preferences, and price range. If a stylist is making you feel rushed, pressured, or coerced into choosing a specific something, consult with someone else. Enjoying the process is as important as enjoying the end results. 

Additional Red Flags When Shopping for Countertops

As we’ve mentioned, your countertop shopping experience should allow you to express your stylistic preferences. That’s why we’re putting together some additional red flags to note when shopping for your countertops. Let’s take a look at these tips to keep in mind. 

  1. Find out where and how many seams your countertop will have. Coordinating with your installer and designer about these details is important to you and your preferences.
  2. Also, be sure to account for extra length for a kitchen island slab. A slab that only fits the island itself will eliminate space for an overhang. Plus, it doesn’t give you additional length for cooking, serving, and more.
  3. Make an effort to find out more about patterning with slabs. Slabs with desirable patterns can often drive the price range up or call for multiple slabs altogether. However, being aware of this can help eliminate excessive costs for your countertops.
  4. Last but not least, be sure to arrange a viewing of your slab before you pay for and install the piece. Because stone is quarried and naturally varied in patterning, it’s important to view the slab to ensure it’s the piece you want. This will eliminate any premature decisions or payments. 

All in all, make sure you go into the process of countertop shopping with a clear idea of what you want. In addition, be prepared to communicate these bottom lines to the professionals that are helping you. This way, you will end up with the results you are seeking. With these tricks and tips, you’ll end up with the perfect countertops for your kitchen.

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