If you’re a new homeowner or you happen to have newly installed granite countertops, there’s a lot to learn. Learning how to properly clean and maintain the health of your granite countertops is an important part of extending their life. 

Installing a quality stone like granite in your kitchen requires proper care and upkeep. If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, continue reading! We’ll be covering all your essential granite care tips below. 

How to Find Granite Countertops Near Me 

Whether you’re exploring your options or have the perfect countertop already in mind, you’ll need to locate a reliable, and qualified retailer. Try searching for “granite countertops near me” online to discover if there are any local retailers in your area. By browsing the internet, you can take a look at what services are available in your area. Plus, you’ll also learn what your local retailers specialize in. 

Quality Granite Countertops Tampa: What to Know

Searching for top-quality countertops in the greater Tampa area should be simple. That’s why AGS Stone is here to provide some of the best granite countertops Tampa has seen. 

AGS is a family-owned business located just east of downtown Tampa, with over 10 years of experience. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable team to help you find the right countertops for your home, let AGS support you throughout the process. 

Daily Granite Care for Your Home

Incorporating granite into the home is a beautiful addition that elevates any kitchen or bathroom. However, what some homeowners don’t know is that the surface of granite requires unique care. 

But, there’s no need to worry! With simple daily maintenance, your granite will be healthy and able to endure daily wear and tear. So let’s take a look at some everyday maintenance tips for your granite counters. 

Use Granite Safe Cleaning Products

Using granite-friendly cleaning products in your home is extremely important for the longevity of your countertop health. Once granite is sealed, you’ll want to be conscious of the products you use. Therefore, this will prevent the sealant’s surface from breaking down over time. 

Ph-neutral cleaners and soaps will reduce the breakdown of the seal. So stay away from harsh acidic cleaners like ammonia or vinegar. Also, for more granite-friendly cleaning, check your local cleaning aisle for cleaning products. Or, wipe down your counters with some warm water and pH-neutral soap.

Make Cleaning a Part of Your Daily Routine

Though granite is a lower maintenance stone, a routine will extend the life of your counters. Setting aside time each day to clean your counters with warm water and soap is highly recommended. And be sure to use a rag or cloth when cleaning rather than a rough sponge. This will reduce abrasion and wear. 

Quick Countertop Tips

As we’ve learned, granite requires careful maintenance. To make you feel even more confident in your granite care, here are a few additional tips to help you go the extra mile. 

  • Avoid letting any spills or liquid build up sit. For example, spilled juices or liquids, like orange juice, could have an acidic base.
  • Cook with caution. Your granite countertops are sensitive and high-quality. Therefore, practicing caution will elongate their finish.
  • Re-seal your granite every year. This will keep the granite healthy, and in good shape. 

AGS Stone: Family Owned and Operated in Tampa

Choosing the right cabinetry and countertops for your home should be stress-free. With the team at AGS Stone, you can enjoy the process and choose selections that are perfect for you. Don’t wait, contact our family-owned and operated team today. And let us guide you through the process with ease. 

Care and Maintenance for Granite Countertops

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