We are pleased that you have selected us to fabricate and install your new countertops. This is an exciting time when all the planning and preparation leads to the transformation of your kitchen or bath living space. The following steps will help us keep your project on track. Please review the steps to come and contact us if you have any questions.

Step 1 Template Scheduling Time Frame

Within (5) business days following receipt of deposit and confirmation of the following:

You have confirmed that there will be no changes to your cabinetry layout or modifications to surrounding walls or flooring. All changes to your cabinetry floor plan or the surrounding area must be completed prior to template scheduling.

Step 2 Template Visit 

Time Frame: Visit will be conducted between 9 AM and 3 PM Monday through Friday.

Important Note: The templating process will not be completed if the following conditions are not met. It is recommended that all decision makers be present for the appointment. A (2) hour arrival window is required due to potential travel delays and the unknown duration of prior appointments.

You will be asked to confirm all option selections including edge profile, backsplash height, corner radii, countertop overhang, etc.

A laser measuring device will allow us to take precise measurements of your countertops. A digital drawing will be produced from those measurements. You will be asked to review the digital drawing and provide your signed approval on the drawing and related work order.

The following items must be installed before a template can be scheduled:

  • Cabinets and all supporting components and structures that mount or adjoin countertop surfaces. This includes but not limited to decorative panels, upper cabinets (if the design incorporates full-height backsplash), support legs, under-counter trim, customer-supplied support brackets or corbels.
  • Farm or Apron Front sinks
  • Adjoining wall modifications including adding a wall, eliminating a wall, knee wall reductions
  • Appliances requiring cut-outs or that adjoin countertop surfaces including cooktop, slide-in/freestanding range, refrigerator, microwave (when incorporating full backsplash), outdoor grill/burner and kegerator/tap

The Client must provide appliance specification and installation documents to the template technician if the appliances have not been installed. The client will be asked to sign a specification sheet and will be responsible for any dimensional discrepancies between the information provided and actual physical dimensions of the appliance.

The following items must be available for inspection: 

The client will provide specification sheet and installation instructions for any item not available at time of template. The client will be asked to sign documentation and will be responsible for any dimensional discrepancies between the information provided and actual physical dimensions of the appliance. 

  • Sinks, faucets, beverage dispensers, soap dispensers and any other countertop mounted device or fixture including electrical components, grommets, etc.

Step 3 Template Review 

Time Frame: Within (2) business days after templating has been completed. 

Your template layout will be reviewed by our production planning department. Any revisions to your original sales order – such as changes in square footage or option selections will be included in a revised sales order. The revised sales order will be forwarded to you via email for your review and approval. Next steps in the scheduling process will occur once your written approval to proceed has been received.

Step 4 Ordering Your Material 

Time Frame: Within (1) business day of receiving your approval to proceed 

Nonstock items including countertop material, sinks, faucets, etc. will be ordered. Further scheduling will not occur to all items have been received and inspected. Most nonstock materials are received within (5) business days. However, it is possible some materials may require longer lead-times.

Step 5 Countertop Layout Approval 

Time Frame: Within (3) business days after material receipt and inspection 

Does not apply to level I material AGS Stone utilizes digital slab imaging software to capture slab images. Our PerfectMatch software allows us to combine slab images with your laser template layout to produce a virtual rendering of your countertops. The purpose of the rendering is to provide you with a visualization of how your countertops will look when cut. We make every effort to minimize seams while positioning countertop sections on the slab to provide the most appealing result. This process is part science and part art. We welcome customer feedback and will work with you to make minor modifications to the layout provided that it does not increase the total amount of material required.

Step 6 Scheduling Installation 

Time Frame: Within (10) business days of receiving layout approval or receipt of material when no layout is required 

You will be contacted by our production planner to establish and date and arrival window for your countertop installation. We will require a two hour arrival window to accommodate potential travel delays and the extra time that may be required to complete another scheduled installation. Please make certain that all pathways are clear of obstacles and all items have been removed from existing countertops. There is the potential for some dust generation. You may elect to remove cabinetry contents and cover anything that you wish to protect.

Step 7 Project Completion 

Time Frame: Allow (4) to (6) hours for most installations. However, more time may be required if there are unforeseen obstacles that our installers must overcome. 

All countertop sections will be installed and wiped clean. Undermount sinks will be installed utilizing a mechanical fastening system in most installations. Silicone is applied to the sink flange prior to mounting. This is done to provide a watertight seal between the sink and countertop. Please allow a minimum of (8) hours of cure time before installing sink-related plumbing. Cooktops, faucets and any countertop mounted accessories must be available at installation time. You will be asked to identify locations by our installers before any countertop modifications are made. Cutouts for electrical outlets in backsplash will be made. Our installers will make certain that outlet boxes are accessible when installing the backsplash. Relocation of outlets or wiring modifications must be done by a licensed electrical contractor. Our installers will point out any areas of concerns before completing the backsplash installation. Once completed, our installers will ask you to inspect your countertop installation and provide written acknowledgement that all work has been completed to your satisfaction. Final payment by cash, check or credit card will be required at that time.

Step 8 Schedule installation of the following items after countertop installation 

  • Plumbing of sinks, faucets, garbage disposals and other fixtures
  • Final connection of electrical components
  • Backsplash tile
  • Cabinet tower installations (mounted directly on countertop surface)

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