If you’re going to invest a significant amount of money into a remodel of your kitchen, ultimate satisfaction with the finished product is a must! With such a major investment, you want to be happy with that new space in your home.

Your kitchen is seen from all other areas in your home. Because of this, you want your kitchen to match the rest of the house in both color schemes and design. Kitchen design matters! You may find that you are drawn towards a traditional kitchen style, something contemporary, or somewhere in between. It is important to develop an understanding of your sense of style. Painted surfaces and clean edges differ from a wood finish with a rustic feel. Classic, Mediterranean, contemporary, and cottage (which has become increasingly more popular) are all very different style choices. Understanding exactly how you want your kitchen to look early on is important. At AGS Stone, we spend a significant amount of time developing an understanding of your exact specifications and design choices in the early parts of your process. We have many visual aids to help you. With a quick visit to our website, you can browse the gallery to get some basic ideas of colors and textures that appeal to you. There are certainly other resources that you may consider in the early process of your design, such as Houzz or Pinterest. There are tons of photos that can be found on these resources to help you with additional ideas.

Where to start kitchen remodeling

Early on in the remodeling process, we will work with you to come up with budget guidelines for your project. In some cases, we may not be able to help you. We will be honest with you if this is the case! We will need to spend lots of time together on product selection and design details. If we’re not going to be able to achieve your desired product in the end, it is important that we understand that sooner than later rather than diving into the details and wasting your valuable time.

There are many decisions to consider! Door styles, wood types, finishes, and even construction methods will play a factor in our conversations. When you come in to meet with us, we have an entire wall of door styles that may appeal to you. We have many visual examples available for viewing, that will show you different wood species and finished options.

Today, we see a lot of painted cabinetry, and a lot of “Shaker Style”, which is a flat-panel cabinet. There is also cottage, traditional, raised panel, and many more. Raised panels are more traditional designs, and flat panels look more modern. Flat panels are typically painted. Light-colored paint is very popular. Staying true to the other color schemes found in your home is very important if you plan to paint your cabinets.

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We also have a number of different countertop options. We have engineered materials and natural stone materials. Engineered materials involve man-made designs. A great example is the quartz countertop, where quartz is actually a mineral and must go through an extensive production process to be turned into countertops. There are several main quartz manufacturers from which we source countertops, Cambria being one of the most notable. You will get a much different look and feel from engineered material than you would from a natural stone. Your unique design preferences will be the main factor that helps us choose between the two.

There are three main natural materials that we typically work with; quartzite (the hardest of the three natural materials), granite (the next in hardness), and marble (the lightest material). Marble is very popular because of the lighter weight, allowing for ease of movement and transport. For cabinet door style, there are different cabinet construction methods that we may discuss. The most common terms that you may hear are “partial overlays” and “full overlays”. This refers to the frame that runs around the front of the face of the cabinet. Partial overlays are less popular in today’s kitchen designs because the frame behind the cabinet door sticks out into the useable space by about three-quarters of an inch.

The cleanest design option for cabinet doors is the “full access”, or frameless, door. This is a design that comes from Europe and does not have a face frame on the front of the door. When you open the cabinet doors, you will not see a frame. This design is simply a box, and when the door is closed, the door covers that box completely. This design provides for the most space; actually about 15% more useable space because the frame has been eliminated.

Most importantly, when choosing between partial/full overlays and frameless doors, will be a difference in cost, where frameless is the more cost-effective option. Therefore, if you see a cabinet door style that you like, we will often start with frameless options to save your budget.

Backsplash, Accessories, and Flooring

When you come into our showroom, you will see an entire wall of backsplash options! We have many different mosaics and tiles to choose from. When looking at the design of your new kitchen, you will want to consider both budget and aesthetics. You want to consider what the focal point of the room will be, and plan your other design choices around it to avoid too many competing features that present clutter or overwhelm.

At AGS Stone, we will help you determine what the outstanding focal point of your design will be. You may decide that you want the countertop to stand out the most. Once your countertop is selected, we will work with that countertop’s pattern or color palette to select the other components of your design. You may choose that the floor will be the focal point of your design, though the floor is often chosen to complement the countertops or backsplash. Sometimes, you will have flooring in your current kitchen design that you are already happy with, and decide that the floor does not need to be replaced. However, if your current floor is a bit “busy” in design, we will need to take care to select countertops and backsplash that are not too overwhelming.

Flooring, countertops, backsplash tiles, and cabinetry all work together to accomplish your perfect dream design. We will work with the current layout of your kitchen to determine the focal point of your design, as well. For example, if you have a wall in your kitchen that is large and obvious upon entering your space, we may decide to focus on a very interesting backsplash design.

We offer many different options for backsplash designs at AGS Stone. Many people choose to feature the backsplash as the focal point of the kitchen because it can be the most unique in terms of design. If this is the case, we will work to make sure that all other elements of the kitchen complement this design choice.

How much does kitchen remodeling cost?

Another important component of the kitchen remodel will be finishing options. Finishes are very popular at the moment. When you’re designing your dream kitchen, it is important to consider how long you will live in your space. When it really comes down to it, the most important person to please with your kitchen design is YOU! Regardless of current design trends and the aesthetics that appeal to you now, you may look at your design options much differently if you only plan to live in the home for five years. If you’re going to be moving out of the house in five years, you want to ensure that you can receive a proper return on your investment. A return on your investment is possible, and therefore we do not want to be too trendy with your design! You want to be versatile, and not too taste-specific. On the other hand, we have many clients who are living in their final home and want to remodel their kitchen to fit their specific design tastes. These clients are not concerned with investment return, because their home will not be sold to anyone else who may not see their design choices as a component of the home they will need to change.

During budgeting, there are other additional conversations that need to be had about cabinetry. Would you prefer a “soft close” style cabinet, where you can push the door to close and it will shut the rest of the way without slamming? The soft-close option was once available only in drawers, where now it is an option available in both drawers and cabinets.

When it comes to countertop materials, we have already mentioned the different types of available materials; engineered and natural. You will see much information in your own research, online on blogs and informational articles, about the benefits of one countertop material over the other. One of the most prominent arguments you may discover is that of quartz versus natural stone. Natural stone needs to be sealed. Most of the time, the sealing is done by applying a spray over the stone and working it in. We let the sealant cure overnight, which must be done before we even begin the fabrication process!

When it is ready to install, you will have many years of carefree use. This is a huge factor in maintenance, which is key to much of your kitchen remodel. A natural stone and quartz countertop will need to be cleaned with mild detergent water, using no harsh chemicals. If you pick a polished surface for your countertop, you may need to apply a countertop polish that you use occasionally to restore the surface. If you choose a quartz countertop, it is important to note that quartz is not very resistant, meaning that you cannot place something extremely hot on the surface without the risk of cracking your countertop. This is not true of natural stone, which is very heat resistant. Another example is whether you are building an indoor kitchen or an outdoor kitchen; where the natural stone can handle direct UV light very well, and quartz may change to yellow in color

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How to remodel kitchen cabinets

Remodeling your kitchen can be a disruptive project. You’ll have to consider that you will be without a complete kitchen for a month! You may have heard some horror stories from friends or families where that timeline has been much longer. This type of project needs extensive planning, but don’t let that hinder you from curating the kitchen of your dreams! At AGS Stone, we’re here to help.

We will not begin tearing apart your old kitchen until we have every component of design and construction planned out for your new one. We want to know, with certainty, that we’re good to go! There is nothing worse than starting a huge project and realizing you don’t have everything you need. We’ll eliminate that possibility for you! We will make sure that we can handle your project efficiently, from start to finish.

A big component of timely project completion is also task delegation. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page about who’s doing what to avoid any possible delay, even if you plan to do some piece of the project yourself. If we look at the typical timeline for a kitchen remodel, the longest-running project is the cabinetry. Cabinets usually take a total of eight weeks to complete. The project cannot be started until we have received the cabinets you have chosen to order, which takes roughly four weeks from the time of order to the time of shipment arrival. Once the cabinets are received, you can estimate approximately four weeks for the complete installation.

It is important to consider whether you will be eating out, or cooking with a microwave or other portable kitchen appliances. Once we have finalized the design of your kitchen, determined materials needed, delegated jobs to those involved in construction, determined how you will supplement your typical cooking habits, and have received your deposit for the job, we will begin ordering your materials. When the materials arrive, depending on what is involved in your unique remodel, the flooring typically comes first to create a solid foundation for your kitchen build. Then comes the cabinet installation. Countertops are next, and backsplash/tile installation is the final project. By the time we finish your kitchen remodel, we will have spent roughly 12 weeks on the full project; 8 weeks to get the materials, and 4 weeks to get the job done!

What is the Warranty on Your Cabinets?

We have warranties on cabinetry and countertops, though there are typically are not warranties on natural stone materials. We have a 5-year warranty on our countertop installation. As for the products themselves, the warranties vary from company to company. Most of the warranties offered through the companies we work with are 10 years or greater.

How can we select the countertop material?

The best way to select just the right countertop for your kitchen is to come and visit our showroom! We have an 18,000-foot square space, in which we display our individual countertop slabs for selection. We also have an engineered material gallery, where we display quartz and porcelain products. We have plenty of slabs on-site, as well as additional slabs that we can’t keep in our stock. We have a natural stone gallery, where we display quartz, granite, and marble. We only have so much space, despite our warehouse being so large! There are plenty of other options available that you may not see on site. You can visit the sites of our many wholesalers as our guest, to view additional selections. We’d love to help you hand-pick your new countertops, and are happy to spend time discussing the pros and cons of each surface in great detail.

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We have many great promotions available on our website. On our website, you will also find our efficient appointment scheduler. Pick your date and time, and determine whether you prefer to come and see us in person, or meet with us via Zoom! Book your appointment today to get started on your dream kitchen remodel.

We have other options for term loans, and we work to get you the lowest rates possible. We try to work with every client to figure out how to make the finances work! At AGS Stone, we also have a number of specials on products we offer for your remodel. Specials change frequently, with discounts often greater than 10%, as well as package bundled goods. Almost everything in our selection has some form of the discount applied! We love to discuss the materials that appeal to you, and the savings available to help those options fit your budget.

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