Tile designs are an increasingly common feature of modern wall features, especially as part of a backsplash. Today we’re taking a closer look at finding the right tiles to place in your wall design. 

What to Look For at Tile Stores Near Me

Looking at tile stores near me for ideas shows a wide range of materials and colors to choose from. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed or to lose sight of the task at hand with so many options.

Location, Location, Location

When researching “tile store near me,” the first thing to consider is where the tiles are going. Kitchen or bathroom backsplash tiles have different considerations than decorative tiles in the living room, for example. You’ll want to choose a material that looks good and can handle the room’s regular heat and moisture levels.

Tile Materials

Next up is what you want the tiles made out of. Many tiles are made of natural materials like stone, glass, and porcelain. There’s also a range of synthetic options available, such as Luxury Vinyl tiling or LVT. 

In terms of practicality, both natural and synthetic materials have similar durability. Often, the choice comes down to aesthetics.

Available Sizes and Shapes

After considering location, the next issue is the size of the wall you plan to cover (and how much of it). The size of the feature may influence the size of the tiles you’d want to cover it with. 

A mural, narrow wall, or backsplash may look better with intricate tiling or not adequately covered by a big tile. Larger tiles can lend themselves to more dramatic effects, especially if arranged in patterns.

One way to get creative is to consider how the tiles may look tilted or arranged diagonally. This is a great way to add texture and visual variety to a tile mosaic, especially backsplash tile.

Beyond the Tile Store: Unique Wall Tile Ideas for Your Home

After visiting the tile store and knowing your options, you can apply your creativity to the problem. Seeing the rest of the room’s decor and the available options can make for many creative solutions.

Brighten Up Backsplash Tiles

A backsplash is the vertical extension of a counter, typically in the kitchen or bathroom. Backsplash tiles can either be part of the tiling of a larger tile pattern in the counter or have their own unique feature. In many spaces, the backsplash is secondary support to the counter but can also stand on its own.

Consider adding different colored tiles (or patterned ones with complementary colors) into a backsplash. It can draw attention to the area while still highlighting the area surrounding it.

Mix and Match

One idea to get the creativity flowing is to consider combining multiple tile designs. You can get creative by combining similar or contrasting colors and materials towards a singular effect. Having different tiles like this allows them to be arranged in patterns or other decorative combinations.

The classic alternating “subway tile” pattern is built on combining different color tiles like this, but the sky’s the limit. Look at the color and material palettes of your room for inspiration.

Turn Your Accent Wall into a Tile Mural

If you have a fondness for art (or a family member that does,) tiles make for a great potential project. Tile murals are a common feature of wealthy homes in the ancient world for a simple reason: they look great. These make for a great conversation starter, especially in the living room or a similar space.

Get the Right Tiles for Your Wall Design from AGS Stone

Now that you have ideas to incorporate tile into your wall design, all you need is to find a local supplier. If you’re in the greater Tampa area and looking for tile solutions, visit AGS Stone for further inspiration. 

AGS Stone offers a wide variety of tiles for kitchen and bath projects, including flooring, backsplash, fireplace surrounds, and shower walls. They’ll have a variety of high-quality tiles in different styles and materials for your wall tile project. Call now for more information; there’s no commitment or pressure.

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