A lot goes into a perfectly curated kitchen, including the right cabinet hardware that’s fit to your liking. Not only will your personal flair be of influence, but today’s trends may make their way into the mix as well. 

Today’s kitchens are turning heads with beautiful details that include unique cabinet shapes, bold contrasting colors, and eclectic eye-catching hardware. So stick around while we explore some trends that will make the personal style of your kitchen pop for years to come.

Picking the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

While shopping for kitchen cabinet hardware, you may take one look at a specific piece and instantly know it’s the perfect design detail for you. Plus, you also may need to start with the basics by exploring specific questions that help inspire personally pleasing colors, textures, and feels. This is totally normal and can help you get a feel for what you’re looking for in your space.

Before setting out to shop, start by exploring the designs you feel inspired and invited by. How do you envision the space you’ll be eating, cooking, and living in? And, are you attracted to warm vibrant colors or neutral tones that level the energy of the room? Getting familiar with your own style will help you find the perfect details for your kitchen.

Locating Cabinet Hardware Near Me

Looking for another helpful step? Find the right cabinetry retailer in your area. Locating a retailer is a beginning step in finding the team and selection that will allow your kitchen to take shape. Try searching for “cabinet hardware near me” online and see what comes up. You can take a look at the inventory local retailers offer, helping to narrow down your search.  

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends to Try

To help you even further, check out some of these popular industry trends to help inform your preferences and design details. Let’s explore some trendy styles to consider. 

Historical Details 

According to Young Huh of Architectural Digest, “The most successful interiors nod to different geographies and periods.” Trying different hardware that references cultural elements and time periods may help to elevate the design details of the space. You can accomplish this by balancing out with contemporary styles. 

Bold Matte Black

Looking for a strong yet calm color to bring the space together? Matte black hardware is growing in popularity as it plays nicely with other neutral and even bright colors. By choosing matte-colored hardware, you bring an accent of texture to the overarching design elements of the space. 

Lighthearted Color Schemes

Also growing in popularity is the introduction of color and whimsy. Though brass and silver hardware harness classic energy, color is more in than ever. Adding contrasting colors for hardware and tiles can help play off of a solid white cabinet or neutral color. So, getting familiar with colors and the energy they bring to the space may help solidify your design search. 

Strong Statements

Choosing a bold statement hardware can speak for the space in strong ways. For example, sleek, long brass handle hardware for your cabinet can highlight an element you are trying to play up. Pairing this with a classic and clean cabinet will balance the contrasting energies of these pieces while speaking to your personal style. Therefore, don’t be afraid to go bold – whether for the cabinet itself or the hardware!

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