Trends changed, improvements and materials changed and we’re going to talk about some things that are new in terms of products and design thought. Also, we will be spending a little time talking about what goes into a project and the central elements which in most kitchen projects are, as noted cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, and flooring. There are other elements such as; lighting, plumbing, fixtures. If you’re doing a complete remodel, this will be a good chunk of what you’re going to be dealing with. We will touch upon the remodeling timeline, how long does a project like this typically take? We’ll talk about some rules of thumb, some averages in terms of how we’ve seen a project’s progress in terms of timeline. but just understand that every project unique to you will be uniquely yours, and the challenges will be different from job to job. 

What’s new in kitchen remodeling?

If you’re watching the home shows that what’s really been popular for quite some time now is white and gray, with a marble look on the countertops and a shaker flat panel door design in terms of cabinetry, that is a timeless design. It’s not going to go out of fashion anytime soon, it’s certainly prevalent. Many of our projects now are painted cabinets such as; white, flat-panel design versus a raised panel. In terms of countertop materials, the marble look and a lot of gray, white with maybe some accents are popular right now. But that’s been the case for the last 5+ years. We’re starting to see warmer tones which is always fun to be able to incorporate other colors and textures into a design versus, pretty much-doing something very similar over and over again. We always look forward to working outside the boxes. It’s currently drawn and we’re certainly seeing more warm colors. Also, we’re seeing a lot of textures. For instance, oak cabinets that you’re looking to replace in your home or you had oak cabinets at one time are still popular, and also the old golden oak raised panel cabinet doors are very popular. You may see these in many new home construction across the country, they’ve taken that material oak and they’ve come up with some new stains, and now you’ve got oak, still oak but looks really quite different when you change up the staining on it and you change the door design. That’s an example of oak having a place at the table in terms of material.

A lot of other wood types of hickory, walnut, and you’re seeing a mix where you might have wood finish and you might have a painted finish. For some time probably a painted color on the perimeter cabinetry and another color painted on the island is becoming popular. Mixed colors, also mixed woods and possibly different countertop material finishes, polished stone has been popular for quite some time. We will start to see more set and matte finishes, leathered finishes, where you actually have a textured finish surface. We’d like everyone’s home to be uniquely theirs and for everybody to feel like they’ve got some room to express themselves in terms of design and not feel too boxed in by what they think the market dictates. In terms of something that would be able to resell. You hold your home for five years and maybe you want to sell it, but at some point, you’re worried that if you get to taste specific and that’s selling, it would be difficult. There’s a lot you can do, it’s tasteful, allows you to express yourself that won’t present a problem to you when you go to sell. Lots of things out there are exciting designs. You’re probably seeing some of them and some of the home shows that we have some of that here to show you.

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Another example would be porcelain. Porcelain countertops are becoming popular. They’ve been big in Europe for quite some time, and we’re seeing their popularity rise here in the US, and that’s something we specialize in. Also in terms of backsplashes, we’re seeing less 4-inch backsplash, less for countertop backsplash that has been typical over the years where that kind of that backsplash is the same material as the countertop, and it goes up the wall about 4 inches, and then you have a painted wall above. What we’re seeing now is a lot of tile backsplash or full height countertop backsplash. But certainly, tile is becoming quite prevalent. A lot of subway tile and subway tile, you can have a mix of lots of different color choices, and now there are different textures to the tile and different patterns, herringbone patterns, brick patterns, different patterns that one could employ also.

Hardware, fixtures, lighting parts have changed also. In lightning what’s really become more prevalent is led lighting under cabinet task lighting. Sometimes we’re doing more toe kick lighting as well, where you can actually have lighting at the base of your cabinetry. The lighting can be controlled wirelessly and can also be adjusted so that you can have different colors. Color is rated and which is a way of describing the color of light that’s being emitted. Some of these led lights sets now allow us to adjust that color. If you want a more bright light, which would be like daylight to be a cooler color or you want something warmer, you actually have the ability to adjust. Under-cabinet lighting, task lighting as well, describing it as a very popular led has really taken that over.

Reasons for Remodeling Your Kitchen: A Kitchen Makeover

  • Beauty

When we’re talking about design, homeowners are going to have different motivations for redoing your kitchen and certainly one of the motivations should be the aesthetics and quite often, kitchens are kind of the centerpiece of a home in Florida. We have a lot of open floor plans, the kitchen might be visible from other rooms, a lot of the newer home designs incorporating larger islands, knowing that’s going to be a point of the congregation. A lot of guests, they’re going to congregate as they always have in the kitchen, close to the food and drink and the kitchen really is the center priest quite often of the home, especially when you’re entertaining but you might be concerned about the appearance of that area because a lot of your guests will be enjoying it with you, and of course, COVID has certainly changed our lifestyles, we’ve seen a lot more interest in remodeling at this time because people are home a lot more, some office positions have been relocated to people’s homes, and maybe you’re reporting to the office once in a while, but spending a lot more time in your home office. Living in that environment, you want to be comfortable, you also want to enjoy the beauty of it, that’s certainly one aspect of a kitchen remodel. IF you want to start the remodeling project you should ask these questions; Are the aesthetics getting that right? How are you going to use your kitchen? Some people cook very little, they entertain a lot, possibly but cook little. For them, having maybe a large island, having a bar area, maybe the cooking aspect of it is less important. The money that might be spent on appliances might change in terms of how much you’re going to invest in an oven or a cooktop, or some of the working parts of the kitchen may be of less importance, and the aesthetics will have been of great importance. But if you’re working in the kitchen a lot and functionality is very important to you then that’s something that we have to get right. Certainly wanted it to look good, but it’s also important that it function as well and be a thoughtful selection of appliances based on how you’re going to use them if you’re going to change the layout. These are all considerations along with for instance, what storage you have, how each cabinet is configured in terms of a lot of the accessory items that could be added. Trey rollouts, trash can roll out, mixed master mounting. There’re many different ways of organizing the space so that you can operate more efficiently getting that right, understanding what the priorities are in terms of how you’re going to use the kitchen, how much storage you need, and what kind of storage you need? Those are all things that you need to consider before you start your project.

  • Eco-Friendly Kitchen

If you’re going to remodel your kitchen and you’re thinking about replacing appliances, that can be an area of savings. A lot of appliances today have energy-saving characteristics and it can be an area where you’re helping the planet and maybe saving a little money in your electric bill monthly.

  • This is an investment, not an Extent

Remodeling a kitchen isn’t to an extent, if you do some research you’ll find that quite often that investment in your kitchen will pay off if you have to sell your home at some point in the future. If it’s done thoughtfully, it can add some value to the home. As an investment that you’re going to get a return on necessarily, it doesn’t have to be just the money, the return might be your enjoyment. While you’re living in the home, think that if you invest x number of dollars today that you’ll get a return on that investment tomorrow when you sell. But if you updated the kitchen, selling your home is likely to be easier than if you have an outdated kitchen. You can’t count on it, you can’t actually figure out how much you are going to get but you’re going to have years of enjoyment hopefully, before you move, and when you do that it’s going to enhance your home and make it more salable. 

When you start thinking about a remodel, you’re looking around, you’re looking at what your friends and family have on what they’ve done, and that’s maybe sparking some motivation for you to do something. You may also get some ideas from what you’ve seen, but there’s a lot of motivation for getting into a project like this. But what’s important is when you do that, you plan to spend sufficient time to do it well. It’s not something that you go over to a friend’s house and you see something you like, and you’re motivated to do something and you want to do it within a week. You want every decision made, and you want to have this thing done in the next three weeks to a month. This isn’t a project that you can do on a whim, it really is a thoughtful process of planning, spending some serious time in the planning stage so that you’re not disappointed at the end.

Remodeling Timeline

How does this all work? At the very beginning, don’t do this on a whim. If this is something that you’re thinking about today and want it done tomorrow, this isn’t the project to do it with the system, this isn’t going to be an Amazon transaction. You’re going to be looking at a 3 to 4-month process that doesn’t mean to say you’re without a kitchen for that period. But the design from the design phase to the material selection, to ordering the materials and getting them into the actual installation. You could be looking at three months for some products and a little over one month for others. It’s going to vary like everything else, and remodeling is based on the design, the materials that we select, and just how busy our installation team is

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