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Embarking on a kitchen remodeling project for those of you that have not done it before is a challenge. There are several factors that one needs to consider when embarking on such an endeavor. What we want to do is break it down into the key elements. One of the things you should be thinking about before you get started is the cost of the kitchen cabinet. 

In the timeframe of your remodel, you will find budgeting is a very important element. When we’re finished with this conversation, you will have a sense of what to expect and consider when it comes to budgeting.  As well as how disrupted your life might become during the remodel. 

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You will have an idea of what to consider from A to Z, the certain elements of your remodeling project that you need to think about, and an idea of how long it will take to be completed.

Finding Your Style

When finding your style, the number one thing to start with is a discussion, especially if you’re married. Ask yourselves, why are we considering a kitchen remodel? What is going to be the most important to us? How will we want the kitchen to look? You might have your first agreement or disagreement in terms of the look and feel of your new kitchen. 

Your kitchen might be visible to the rest of the house, or you may even have an open floor plan like many in Tampa, Florida. If that room is going to be central and visible when you walk through the door, then how it fits with the rest of your home will be vital. Are you going for a modern design, more classic, traditional, transitional, or more eclectic? Thinking about this is where your remodel begins.

What vision do you have for your kitchen? Some people have it immediately and know what they want to do. Yet, for others, it can be a little more of a struggle to get there. There are some things that you can do to see where you have common ground with your spouse. For example, you can look on Pinterest, go to, or go to our gallery, which is on our website. Look at the different kitchen designs, and then you can see lots of pictures and start to get a feel for what designs appeal to you. We appreciate it when you meet with us and already have ideas about what you would like to see. It is helpful to us if you know what your sense of style already is. Those are the things that you can do to help solidify that view. 

Understanding Remodeling Budget

Before we get into the breakdown of the project, we want to mention more in terms of the design. Usually, what we like to do is proceed with our clients’ way without any hassle or rush. When you walk through our doors, our goal is not to sell you something the day that you come in. The goal is to help you, answer any questions, and educate you where you need it or where you want it. 

Where we’re going to spend the time is talking about your budget and discussing the aesthetics of what you want to see and how you want it to feel. Also, the functionality of your kitchen, which we haven’t mentioned yet but is still so important. Some questions that we are going to ask are; Do you cook a lot? Do you like the way that your kitchen is currently laid out? Is the layout right for you? How are you using your kitchen? We’ll talk about everything from the lighting to where appliances are replaced. We even need to know the type of sink that you’re working with right now. 

Be sure to ask yourself, do I have sufficient space? Is that the right space for me? Am I happy with the space that my sink, stove, and fridge have, and does it work for me? It is important not to forget the functionality part of the discussion. You should consider this when thinking about the design of your kitchen remodel as well. 

When you’re remodeling, the first thing that we would strongly suggest is that you think about the budget. When you come to meet with us, we’re going to ask that question pretty early on. It is not because we’re trying to get you pinned down to some specific number. We aren’t even trying to see what you’re willing to spend, and then help you spend it.

Instead, it is a case of trying to help guide you in terms of what is realistic. If you’re doing a full kitchen remodel, what do those typically cost? If you’re doing a portion of a remodel what can you expect in terms of a rough ballpark estimate?

Before you leave our showroom, we’re going to discuss a budget, and we’re going to have a rough idea where we think this budget would have to fall. It’s going to be tweaked, and it is going to be rearranged, but it’s a very important part of the discussion.

For instance, you’ve got a home, and it’s worth $200,000 on Zillow if you go look up your current home price. What most people typically spend on a kitchen remodel falls between 12% to 15% of your home’s value. Therefore you would spend around  $30,000 on a kitchen remodel in your home. Yet, it can vary depending on your selections. You might find that it is more than that, or it could be less than that. When you’re considering this, you also want to consider how long you’re going to live in the home. Thus you can push the envelope. It doesn’t have to be 12% to 15%. It could be more, but you have to determine one number that you can afford and how long you are going to stay in the home.

We have a lot of clients that are in my age bracket and are creating homes that they’re planning to spend the rest of their lives occupying. You’re going to have different priorities and spend a little differently on the home that’s going to serve you for the rest of your life. Yet, if you want to move in three to five years, then you might spend far less money. These factors affect your budget too.

Choosing cabinets are a very important part of your kitchen remodel. After choosing them, you can see if you’re adding backsplash, flooring, or plumbing. All of this factor into your budget, and it is all broken down for you into approximations. These averages will vary from project to project, but it’s going to give you a good idea of what the major items will cost and what you will need to spend.

Those are the things that we work with you to get to a conclusion on for your budget. Everything from the cabinet and construction will have different price points. There are different types, such as; full overlay face framed cabinet, partial overlay face framed cabinet, or full-access cabinets. They all have their pros and cons. In terms of number one price and aesthetics, one might be more pleasing to an individual than the other.

Pricing can vary depending on the construction of the cabinetry, the door style, and wood type. As you may realize, several things are going to affect not only the design but also the price of the cabinets.

The same thing is true when choosing countertops. In the same case of cabinetry, cabinet construction has a large part to play in the kitchen remodel. Getting into the wood type in the finish and the door style is going to have major impacts on the look and feel of your kitchen. It’s hard to quote on a project if we haven’t settled on a preliminary selection of door style on the finish in the wood species because that’s going to have a big effect on it along with the layout.

When looking at countertops, we’re looking at two types of materials. One of them is the engineered materials. There are companies out there like Cambria, Pompeii, and others that manufacture quartz material and slabs that we convert for countertops. Quartz is a material that you might be familiar with. It is 90% natural material. The quartz mineral is ground and mixed with binder and color to create these slabs with certain distinctive patterns. We take these slabs and convert those into countertops through our fabrication. 

Additionally, we have a natural stone. Natural stones are three materials that we work on. There are foreign materials that you would likely consider. The first being a natural stone. We have quartz, which will be the hardest of the natural stone materials. Further, we have granite, and we have marble. They have their pros and cons and the aesthetics of each. Each of these materials can vary dramatically. 

In addition to natural materials, we have porcelain, which is an engineered product. It is new on the scene, at least here in the United States and Florida. We are one of the first fabrication facilities to embrace it and start producing countertops. We also use it in feature walls and shower walls. Porcelain is essentially the same material that you’ve seen in porcelain floor tiles, but only in a much bigger format. These come to us in large sheets that are roughly 5 ft by 10 ft, and we work some magic on it, and we’re done. We’ve created a countertop from that material, and it has some benefits in terms of its performance on the appearance without getting too detailed. At this point, there are many material considerations, all of which you can see at our facility. When we’re with you, then we’re going to spend some time talking about the pros and cons of each as well as the costs. We will also make sure that your lifestyle is a fit for what you’re selecting.

A lot of what has been mentioned is getting into the wood species and the construction. There are many door styles to choose from, and it can get a little overwhelming. When you’re with us, and we have a better understanding of your sense of style, then it will be easier to guide you. One thing you will see is flat panel doors instead of a raised panel. These are more transitional styles, meaning that it could fit into a trend of more traditional design settings but also could be incorporated into a little more of a contemporary design setting. That is what’s popular and different in different finishes whether it can be painted or stained, both are popular. There is a lot of paint cabinetry at the moment. Whites and grays have been popular for the last five to ten years, but there are a lot of other finishes on wood species that could be incorporated into it as well. 

When we’re looking at any of these materials and in the selection process, we’re going to be thinking about how you live. Your lifestyle matters. Especially if you’re concerned about maintenance and looking for things that are very easy to maintain and easy to clean. If function and maintenance are important to you, then that might lead us down a path. If you’re more interested in aesthetics and you’re looking for something a little more unique, then we can help you out. 

Where Should We Start to Design? 

First of all, you need to pick cabinets or countertops. It would be better to start with cabinetry and then countertops. Quite often, that could be done in one visit.

Once we’ve looked at cabinetry and come up with a preliminary design for the cabinet, we will immediately go out into our slab display area. In that first visit, we will have some ideas as to what might work together and some rough idea of whether this is going to be the right track to follow for your budget.

What Do We Get During the Showroom Appointment? 

What we encourage you to do first is to schedule an appointment, although we do accept walk-ins. You’re always welcome if you wear a mask. We’re here to greet you. Scheduling an appointment is helpful if you’re thinking about a remodel where it takes some time one on one time together. This way, we won’t be interrupted, and we can sit down to thoroughly discuss your project. 

When you’re here, we’re going to talk about a lot of details about your remodeling project. First and foremost that you will be with us, and there’s nothing more important than the relationship between a client and their contractor. If there isn’t trust there, then the whole project is just going to be a nightmare for everyone. You’ve got to feel good about us and what you’ve heard or seen. 

You won’t need to make any final decisions at the first meeting. You’ll look at products and preliminaries. You might like some of the cabinet designs that you saw or some of the countertop materials and the tile. And you start to think we’ve got products that you could see in your home. Then once we get to that stage, we’re going to come out to your home. This way, we can have a discussion with you in your space. We will also be able to measure your kitchen. Then, between your discussion with us here and us being in your home, we’re going to know enough to be able to put pen to paper.

What we do is put everything into a computer design program and come up with a preliminary design, so that when we meet with you again, we can review that design and see how close we are to what you were thinking. Once we get to a point where we finalize the plans, then we can start getting into a detailed budget. That’s how we like to work. 


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