AGS Stone welcomes the opportunity to assist you with the planning, preparation and purchase of new countertops for your home. We believe that a well-informed customer is more likely to be a satisfied customer when our work is done. The following outline will guide you as you prepare to make this significant investment.

  • Visualize how you would like your kitchen or bathroom living space to look. Visit and create a digital scrapbook including images of rooms and design elements that appeal to your sense of style.
  • Take pictures of the areas in your home that you are planning to remodel.
  • If you are not replacing cabinetry – measure the lengths of each countertop section from the back wall. Prepare a basic sketch and include width dimensions for any section that is more or less the 25-1/2″ including island tops and highbars.
  • If you are replacing cabinetry – obtain cabinetry floor plan and elevation drawings from your kitchen/bath designer (AGS offers both cabinetry and design services.)
  • Consider backsplash options including a 4″ or full height backsplash utilizing the countertop material selected – other choices include tile or painted walls.
  • Visit our showroom to discuss your project requirements and evaluate material options. Make sure to bring you pictures and drawings for reference purposes.
  • AGS Stone specializes in the planning, selection and installation of cabinetry and countertops. We have sources to assist you with other services that your project may require including drywall repair, electrical, plumbing and tile installation. Ask for a copy of our Contractor Referral Listing during your visit with us.

If you’re interested in learning more about countertops, we can help you with your questions.

Our high-quality countertops will be made with you in mind and designed for your kitchen or bathroom. Contact us today at (813) 626-3636.

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