Why is kitchen remodeling important?

When we explain our remodeling timeline, we always encourage clients to come in and meet with us first. When you look at the whole timeline and then work your way back, most kitchen remodels will fall into a six to eight weeks time frame.

We have the materials properly planned, and so the disruption in your home can be minimal. That timeline could be compressed below the six to eight weeks time frame, but there are factors involved. No matter how you approach it, if you’re going to plan it out thoughtfully, there’s quite a bit of time that you’re going to need to invest in the planning process. You’ll need time to select materials. We will also need time before the process begins. We’ll need to look at your current kitchen to see how everything will fit, take measurements, and see the structure.

The timeline usually starts with your visit to our showroom. You will be looking at some preliminary material selections and talking about your budget. Then we come out to your home to look at what you’re considering and take measurements.  After, we will bring that back and put it together for an initial design. We’re able to do that with the 3D models so that you’ll get to see a close approximation of what your kitchen will look like with the selections that you made. It won’t be exactly what you’re seeing as we don’t have that technology, but we can provide good visualization for how it is going to look when it’s completed.

AGS Stone Kitchen Remodel

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In some cases, the remodeling is going to require permits. That’s another area that has to be considered when we get past the design stage. We’ve now set ourselves up, found a design that we’re going to work with, got a budget, the budgets approved, then we enter into a contract. Part of that will also be any permitting that’s going to be required. We follow the law of Hillsborough in terms of Hillsborough County. If you’re in Hillsborough County, then we follow what they expect and what needs to be permitted. The contract permitting is usually accomplished fairly quickly. Before we do this, we’re going to get a deposit, and we’ll get the long lead time items ordered. For most cabinet projects, the cabinets we use are long-lead items. You’re looking at anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on what cabinet product you pick and the degree of customizations. Once we have your deposit, then we start ordering materials.

How long does kitchen remodeling take?

We’re not going to start your project unless we’re clear on when everything is going to be here. You might know some neighbors or friends with horror stories where a project was undertaken before everything was thought through and all the materials were acquired, and it languished. The kitchen is an essential room in the house, and that can become a miserable experience quickly. We don’t want to embark on the actual remodel and disrupting your lives until we know we have the materials. That is when we want to start. What we can do is get you to a point where you at least have functional space as quickly as possible. That typically can happen over two to three weeks. We mentioned this six-week timeframe. We’re talking about all the fine-tuning and everything that needs to be done to finish the job. But sometimes, we’re able to get to a point where you have a functioning kitchen in less time than that. It is based on how we plan and making sure that everything is in place. We want to be sure that we have no surprises during the remodel.

In some cases, we might run into a plumbing problem, an electrical problem, or something unforeseen that can delay the project. If you’ve been watching the home renovating shows on television, then you know that those kinds of problems seem to be scripted into every show, but they do happen. There are very few remodeling projects that go without some sort of issue. We do try to minimize those. The more planning you do in preparation, the less of those you have.

We realize that you’ve probably been through a pretty painful experience with the pandemic. A lot of lives have been disrupted and still are. Some of you may be at a point where you’ve been thinking about doing this project for a while. Financially, you’re in a position to be able to complete a kitchen remodel. For those people that aren’t at that point now, we do have some things to offer that we believe would help you.

Our business, like many businesses, are impacted by the pandemic. We’re not as busy as we used to be. This would be a very busy time of year for us. Our showroom was shut down for a while, and people are still being very cautious. We do want to offer some incentives for those that are ready to try and make their kitchens a little more attractive. One of the things that we’ve done is offer six months same as cash. If you have a project, whether it’s a countertop only or a full kitchen remodel, this will allow you some time before you have to pay for it. Basically, it can be converted into a term loan. Most people would take advantage of that same as cash offer and then have the finances in place to pay it off. 

We do offer some other loan options. If you go to our website, you can click on the financing page there. You’ll find Interbank is one of our partners. You can see the different financing programs that we do have and find one to fit your needs. This may give you enough of a break in terms of emptying your bank account on this project. 

We also have a couple of specials. Right now, we’re running a quartz countertop special. We do have some others as well, including several quartz countertop colors that are discounted even more than 10% with free sinks and faucets. We’ve got a pretty attractive offering of materials that are pretty far below what we would normally charge for them.

We hope that you like them and they will help with your kitchen remodel. If you’re ready to embark on this adventure, we can help you as much as we can on the cost.

AGS Stone Kitchen Remodel

Credit: Showplace

How Many Different Kitchen Cabinet Options Do You Have? 

We work with three major cabinet manufacturers, Fabuwood, Showplace, and Kabinart. They all have their qualities in terms of what they offer and also price points. It depends a lot on the client. What you’ll find with cabinet manufacturers is ready to assemble cabinets. That cabinetry is mass-produced and assembled either at the point of installation, or it might be assembled somewhere regionally and then taken out to the job site. We don’t deal with ready to assemble cabinetry most of the time. Mostly, we’re talking about cabinets that are going to be made to our design specifications. Depending on the complexity of the design space and how we best utilize that space dimensionally, it’s going to have a lot to do with it along with what species and design elements you want to incorporate into it. 

Fabuwood is our entry-level product. It’s nothing to do with quality, as the quality is excellent. Yet, they do have fewer bells and whistles and fewer things that can be tweaked and customized. Then Kabinart would be next on the list. They offer some degree of customization, but not to the level of the Showplace. Showplace is our line that we will go to when we want to provide not only a custom solution but also want to change the dimensions of any elements to fit a specific area. 

Most cabinet manufacturers that are offering standard products that are not custom produce their cabinets within three-inch increments. Some rooms don’t always fit that three-inch increment. What will happen is they use filler pieces of wood that fill the gaps where the cabinets won’t fit. In our particular case, if Showplace is the right choice for that particular project because of the price point and customers’ taste preferences, then we’re able to tweak every dimension. If we need to adjust the cabinet height or the cabinet depth, then all those things can be adjusted, and we’ll make the order. 

So in terms of walking into a kitchen, for the trained eye, you look at it and pretty quickly determine whether it was a customized kitchen or one that was more of a mass production cabinet installation. If the difference between the two was pointed out to you, then you would be sure to notice. 

Any of the three that we offer each have quality craftsmanship in mind, but the flexibility in design is a major difference.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories, Backsplashes, Flooring, and Handles

When you think about a kitchen design, the major parts are the cabinetry, the countertops, and deciding whether you want a tile floor or backsplash. You might want to think about an open floor plan. When you’re walking through the door, and you see the kitchen, you think where will my eyes be drawn? That is where we like to start. What’s going to catch the eye? Is it going to be your countertop or your backsplash? Is it going to be the cabinetry, the cabinetry arrangement, or the molding treatment? It all has to work together in the end, but there is going to be something that we need to build off of. You may come in and see a beautiful, unique countertop material that you really would like to incorporate in the design. Once we have that building block, then we’re going to want to compliment that with the other elements. 

For instance, if you pick the countertop material that has a lot of movement to it, such as a lot of patterns, then you’re not necessarily going to want to compete with your backsplash. In that case, you might come up with a more muted backsplash. You may not want to have grout lines that stand out. You want it to be in the background because it’s complimenting your countertop.

On the other hand, you may want something with less movement, like a more plain-looking countertop, but then do something unique with the backsplash. That way when you look at the room, the countertop on the cabinets is muted, but the backsplash will stand out. That becomes the eye-catching element. You don’t want them all to be competing with one another. First, you don’t want any wasted investments. Secondly, you need to be sure that it is aesthetically speaking to you. Afterward, we will want to start somewhere with that visual element to build off. Usually, It is going to be the countertops, or it might even be your flooring.  You might have flooring with a unique pattern already in place that you don’t want to change. We will build off of this with all of the other elements. We run into this all the time. So now we’ve got to think about the cabinetry, countertops, and tile. To complement that, and to provide some contrast, but not enough where it’s starting to overwhelm the floor. There’s a balance that has to be struck.

About AGS Stone

We’re located on Adamo Dr. in Tampa, right near the corner of Orient Rd. and Adamo Dr. We have an 18,000 square foot facility. We have lots to see here. We have cabinets, kitchen, bath, and also tile displays. Natural stone displays, quartz displays, and different countertop materials are all ready for you to view. The idea is that when you come here, we are a one-stop-shop from floor tile to ceiling lights. We have many of those things for you to see when you’re in our building. 

We acquired a small business down in Florida that was fabricating countertops, and over time we were fortunate enough to bring our two sons into the business. We are a small family business, so it is me, Gary Rogers, as the president and the owner. As well as, my wife, Jackie, my two sons, Alex and Colin. Then we also have our extended family, as we like to call them. We have eleven full-time employees altogether and then subcontractors that work with us in various disciplines. The business was already in existence when we acquired it in 2010. 

Again, it is a family business. We pick up the phone, we’re here to support you, and we never abandon our clients. That’s very critical. 

An educated client is our best client. The clients that we have worked with and have left positive reviews are not a coincidence. That success came because it was all about the sufficient planning that we put in place. There has to be a level of trust established between the homeowner and the contractor. That’s critical. But beyond that, it has everything to do with planning.

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