Porcelain countertops, a relatively new entrant in the countertop industry, are rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners and designers alike. They stand out for their aesthetic appeal and durability, yet you might have noticed that not many countertop fabrication companies offer them. You’re not alone in wondering why, despite their growing popularity, porcelain countertops aren’t widely available. This blog aims to shed light on the reasons behind this.

Specialized Equipment is a Necessity

One of the primary reasons is the need for specialized equipment. Fabricating porcelain countertops requires tools like CNC saws and porcelain-specific blades, which not all shops possess. These countertops often demand intricate work like 45-degree miter cuts and contoured sink cuts, achievable only with advanced machinery like CNC saws. The high cost and specificity of this equipment mean that many smaller shops can’t afford or justify the investment, especially if porcelain isn’t their main business.

 The Challenge of Working with Porcelain

Another factor is the inherent difficulty in working with porcelain. While its thin and sleek profile is visually appealing, it also makes the material brittle and challenging to handle. Precise cutting, shaping, and installation are crucial, and there’s little room for error. This fragility demands skilled craftsmanship and careful handling, which can be a deterrent for many fabricators who prefer working with more forgiving materials.

 Labor Intensity and Time Constraints

Porcelain countertops are also labor-intensive. For fabrication shops focused on maximizing output and square footage, the time-consuming nature of working with porcelain can be a significant drawback. Each porcelain project requires meticulous attention to detail, slowing down the fabrication process. This extended time frame can deter shops that prioritize quicker, less complex projects for higher turnover.

Given these factors, it’s clear why the availability of porcelain countertop fabrication is limited. It’s not just about the material cost but also about the required investment in specialized equipment, the skill level needed, and the labor intensity.

At AGS Stone, we recognized the potential of porcelain countertops early on and have been working with this material since its introduction. We understand that these countertops represent not just a style choice but a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. When you choose porcelain, you’re opting for a product that requires a higher level of expertise — something we’re proud to offer.

So, when you’re in the market for porcelain countertops, remember that your options might be limited, but those who do offer them are likely to be specialists committed to quality and precision. And that’s exactly what you’ll find with us at AGS Stone.

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