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Of the natural stones, granite has become a popular choice due to its beauty and durability. Other selections include limestone, marble, onyx, slate, soapstone, and travertine. The three major factors that are likely to impact your selection of natural stones are:

  1. Appearance
  2. Ease of maintenance
  3. Budget


Engineered stone is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by a polymer resin. Quartz is the major filler, although other material like colored glass, shells, metals, or mirrors might be added. A typical material will consist of 93% quartz by weight and 7% resin. Commonly referred to as Quartz, there are a number of leading brands offering a range of colors, patterns and thicknesses. AGS Stone has a large sample collection in our showroom to assist you with your selection. You can also visit manufacturer websites for additional product information.

Stones like marble and granite can be costly however, another solid option for countertops are recycled materials that can offer a fine finish that is at the right price point. You have a variety of choices when selecting recycled countertop materials. The countertops include everything from South Carolina oyster shells to demolition architectural glass. AGS Stone has an indoor display area with a variety of colors from which to choose from.

Sintered stone is manufactured using recent technological advancements which mimic the processes which form natural stone. While natural stones like marble and granite are formed over thousands of years, sintered stone slabs take just a few hours. Minerals and stone particles, like the ones found in porcelain or granite, are carefully selected for quality, colour and texture. These particles are then subjected to extreme heat and pressure – just like they would be deep in the earth’s crust where granite is formed. When the process is finished, the particles are bonded together permanently, without the need for resins or bonding agents. 

Porcelain is a man made material manufactured from a type of heavy clay made from a mineral called kaolinite, or “china clay.” Kaolinite normally is composed of feldspar, silica, and mineral oxides. Porcelain slabs are made from kaolinite heavy material that is then coated with a pigmented glazed and fired at a high temperature. Glazing pigments are added during the slab fabrication. The slabs are made to have consistent color all the way through the product and can have veins that are similar to marble or granite.

Wide Range of Colors | Numerous patterns & Finishes | Large Slab sizes up to 5’ X 10’ | 30% Stronger than Granite | High durability & strength | Lightweight | Versatile due to thickness | Can be installed over existing countertops | No Sealing Required | Waterproof | Heat Resistant | Recyclable

Wood countertops are popular in kitchens for the warm organic texture and function. Grothouse wood kitchen counters can be used safely around stoves and sinks. Our kitchen counters are often sealed with food safe oil finish that is safe for direct chopping and permits the counter to be sanded to look like new when desired. Durata® wood countertop finish is a truly permanent finish that does not require ongoing applications or maintenance. Durata provides a waterproof and protective finish similar to a clear coat on a car.

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